log of project where a computer system is integrated into a 1997 neon

Sunday, July 31, 2005


Well I finally have the last piece of the system, the touchscreen - after a week of failed snipes I finally set my bid price to be just over 180 dollars and won the damn thing. Hopefully this will be a panasonic screen like what the famed Xenarcs use and this will still have been a good deal. Here is the ebay listing

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The start of the project...

So I figured that since I'm spending a good deal of time and money on this project that I might want to document it for the ages. My current project is to basically put a computer into my crappy car for the purpose of navigation, internet and entertainment.

I basically see this as a four phase project:

Phase I: buy the hardware
  • - GPS USB mouse (done)
  • - ITX case (done)
  • - epia motherboard, memory, harddrive (done)
  • - car pc itx power supply (done)
  • - 7-8" touch screen
  • - amp wiring kit (for power lines, RCA cables, and fuse box)
  • - 4 RCA couplers
  • - 2 RCA to mini plug adapters
  • - Wireless USB G (done)
  • - Wireless Keyboard (done - could get a sexier one)

Phase II: basic install - this means hook up all of the hardware in phase I
  • - get the PC up and running with audio and gps software
  • - run the audio from the PC into the AUX of my headunit
  • - touchscreen is on dash or some other non-factory looking configuration

Phase III: advanced install
  • - replace headunit with the new computer system, this will require adding a small car amp
  • - new amp will require more wiring
  • - install the screen into the dash (read: dremel, fiberglass)

Phase IV: add on more crap (may or may not do this stuff)
  • - reverse camera with video switching for the screen
  • - USB Radio w/ mod to original car antenna
  • - DVD decoder board in PC
  • - Xbox / Wireless controllers
  • - Sirius Radio?
  • OBDII Scanner and software integration (neon is an ISO type)
So that is the plan for now, more to come....