log of project where a computer system is integrated into a 1997 neon

Monday, August 29, 2005

Custom case

Not much new has happened to this project in recent weeks, as I have been on vacation.
Howwever, just before leaving I managed to quickly fabricate a box for the computer out of some old roommate's (thanks max) cheapo furniture.

Here you can see the case. It is about 32" long, 7" deep, and 6" high.

I added a case fan to the top as you can see.

This is what we look like inside the case. As you can see i have it segmented into 3 sections. The first section will house the motherboard, PSU, and hard drive. The middle section is my junk drawer - screws, wire, tape, tools. The last section contains the cushy packaging that my screen came with.

Protecting the screen was my major motivation for making this case.

The only real issue is that I made the case a bit to long. It fits, exactly to the lenght of the back section of my trunk. Unfortunately, it tapers up which affects the ability for the case top to open. Oh well.

Here is a close up of the components. You can see the motherboard, PSU, hand hard drive. there is a hole running out the back for all of the hookups as well as wires for the power.

Brass standoffs were used for mounting the motherboard and PSU. Doublesided tape! was used to mount the hard drive.

The only other thing that has been done on this project was to run two lines of 14 gauge stranded wire from the back to the front of the car. I will end up soldering these wires to the 12 "rail" (wire) on one of the power connectors from the PSU.

The reason for doing this is that the voltage that comes out of the cigarette lighter on the car is actually much higher than 12V and fluxuates. Some people have reported blowing fuses inside the screen. Therefore these wires will be spliced on to the power connector for the monitor. This is basically the first step in mounting the screen into the dash.


At 11:10 AM, Anonymous fuji said...

Is anyone else afraid that all this work on the ole' Neon is going to make it blow up or stop working?

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