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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

One more thing...

So, wireless internet.

My initial plan was to simply have a USB wireless G device and be happy roaming around and maybe snagging an open access point (AP) when at a stop light or when parked.

However, this post
makes it seem as though I might be able to use my T-mobile prepaid SIM card to connect for free!!!

My Nokia 6820 would fit the bill for this setup. There are, however, issues:
  • Phone was left out in the rain! - But.... the phone is not dead. Just half of the keyboard. Which would not be a big deal, except.... I need to unlock the phone from ATT wireless network so that I can use the T-mobile settings as described in the thread
  • Even if I somehow get the phone unlocked, I would need to get a bluetooth USB dongle

So, given the issues with the nokia 6820, I might just get a really cheap Nokia phone that supports GPRS and ebay the USB hookup dealy-o for 10 bucks.


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