log of project where a computer system is integrated into a 1997 neon

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Parts are rolling in...

I am starting to get some of the parts that I ebayed over the last few weeks.

  • USB GSP "mouse" (because it looks like a mouse, i guess)
  • M1-ATX 12V-12V power regulator
  • Generic Amp Wiring Kit
    • 10' +12V battery wire 10 gauge
    • 3' ground wire 10 gauge
    • 18 gauge remote wire
    • 10' RCA audio cable

It turns out that even though I'm not installing an amp (yet) into this system, I need all of the wires that one of these kits includs. The M1-ATX power supply needs +12V and a ground wire. It also needs to be plugged into the ignition (i'm probably going to hook into the ACC line), which I can probably use the 18 gauge wire for.

The RCA cabling will be necessary until an amp is added ironically so I will be running that along with two 'Y' RCA to mini plug cables to attach the sound card on the computer to my head units AUX input.

I figured to pretty much leave the M1-ATX alone until I get the computer so that I can explore mounting options.

Lastly, the GPS USB mouse. This is a Holux 210. I plugged this into my laptop, installed a driver, and was off getting pretty good results with my map software.

Can't wait to get this on a touchscreen!!!


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