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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Xbox continues to be a pain

So after this weekend, I still have no action on my 10 dollar xbox. I have repaired the FRAG trace problem, only to discover that the hard drive supplied is defintely not the one that this xbox should have on it. Great...

So this means that I needed to insall the mod chip and lock a new drive to this machine. That's where the problems really started.

New hope after reading this site:

This was a huge help, as once D0 was tripped, it appeared as though the bios was not reading at all. This obviously pointed to a possible LPC problem.

Using a multi meter, I was able to determine that one of the pins was infact not connected properly as it didn't have the correct voltage. Upon closer inspection and following some traces it was discovered that resistor R7D6 is missing.

What the hell? Anyway, this site provided the resistance value for that guy:

Digging though my box of random electronic components, I had my 10K resistor, soldered it on. Voltage appears correctly on broken pin! Hopes are high!

Chip still does not boot. Back to square one, with no leads. Damn you xbox gods!


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