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Thursday, August 04, 2005


So, I bought another (my 3rd) xbox. This thing is either going to go into my car with this project or go to my brother. Anyway I got a broken xbox for 10 bucks on is turning out to be worth about 10 dollars.

Known at the time of bidding was that the xbox didn't turn on. This unit also does not have a DVD drive which will cause error 07, but I will just use the drive that I do have for testing.

First thing to check was that the switches on the front of the xbox were good (measure resistance when the button is pushed) and the that fuse on the power supply (make sure that the resistance is zero over the fuse). Unfortunately, both of these indicators checked out OK so I have no idea what is wrong with the power supply. Either the wires that cause the ATX connector to activate the power supply are bad or there is some other element of the PSU that is broken.

Now I need a PSU schematic so I can figure out my options:
Convert between PSU versions
6_________+3.3V STBY________Brown
11_________Power on_________White
12_________Power OK_________Blue

I'm thinking that I can probably just use an ATX power supply. Freaky.

So anyway, I was able to use another xbox's power supply to at least get this piece of crap some power. Next problem - christmas lights! This is a known issue and means that the "traces" on the motherboard are fucked up. This is generally caused by a failed mod attempt. When here to get more information:

Traces are fixed, xbox boots - next problem.

Error 06 - unable to unlock hard drive. This basically means that the hard drive was was locked using an eprom image (probably another xbox) that differs from the current xbox image.
The only solution that I can think of for this is a total pain in the but here goes:
  1. I have a hardware based modded xbox laying around. Save out the eprom for that box
  2. FTP eprom
  3. Remove the hardware modifications (this shit is soldered in so this is not trivial) to the xbox
  4. Install the hardware mod into the non working box
  5. Transfer eprom to this xbox and write it out
  6. Add a new HD, lock it
  7. Remove hardware mods see if we boot


There is also this think that suggests that I might be able to simply pull a swap-a-roo and somehow the drive will be unlocked. I don't buy it.

Here is a tutorial of a hardware based eprom replacement! Nice.

Like I said...worth about 10 bucks right now :)



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