log of project where a computer system is integrated into a 1997 neon

Monday, September 05, 2005

Finishing the core install

My girlfriend has informed me that I need more of an executive summary at the beginning of these posts.

As you can see I have take some time to make an initial mounting of my touchscreen. Obviously this is roughed in but I am well aware that to do this properly i'll be needing to make a frame, fiberglass it in, and putty it to the dash.

So, to summarize, the screen is in the dash!

This is the section of the dash that was most modified. I pretty much just winged this process and made some rough marks as to what I wanted cut out.

I pretty much removed the entire section where the two AC/Heat vents go.

Using some scrapwood I made this rig. As you can see I have pretty primitive tools to work with. The cross section is attached by fitting into a dremeled out slot on the right and screwed into the existing dash area on the left.

Here is another shot of this setup.

Once the screen was in a good state to be mounted, I also took some time to run USB, VGA, and power switch wires under the carpet.
This required that I take out the seat and center console, which also gave me a much needed opportunity to clean 3 year old frenchfries, etc.


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this is awesome dude.


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